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Why choose a Plados-Telma kitchen sink?





Plados-Telma sinks do stand everyday aggressive substances and food very well. Dirt and stains can be removed by rinsing and gently wiping the sink.



The high percentage of mineral charges present in the mixture makes Plados-Telma sink very resistant to scratches, marks and wear



Plados-Telma sinks withstand thermal schock, included the most severe ones, and very high temperatures (up to 280°) without being damaged.



Plados-Telma sinks have a very elevated superficial strenght, but they also are very tough. This last characteristic protects the sinks from breakages or damages that may be caused by accidental hits.

They do not lose their colours through time


Colour is the identifying element of Plados sinks. Plados sinks colours remain bright and unchanged in the course of time, even in case of frequent and prolonged exposure to sunlight.

Hygienic, easy to clean


Since the surface is not porous, the sink can be quickly cleaned by means of a standard detergent and the simple action of a towel or sponge. The sink is always fresh, clean and hygienic.




Several tests carried out by independent institutes do certify Plados-Telma sinks complete suitability to food contact.






Great Success for Plados Telma Group at SICAM 2014

Great Success for Plados Telma Group at SICAM 2014

The "SICAM" exhibition has been a very successful event to the Plados and Telma group.          We showed two important novelties: 

Living Kitchen

Living Kitchen

19th-25th January 2015 @ Cologne, Germany HALL 4.2 - STAND C-15



5th-8th May 2015 @ Cologne, Germany

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